Nearshore Fishing

Some of the most productive waters for nearshore fishing can be found along the west-central coast of Florida. The nearshore zone is the area of the ocean that extends from the shore out a short distance, always in sight of land. Though relatively narrow, this is a very dynamic area due to its waters being regularly influenced by several forces including locally changing currents (primarily due to tide and wind), offshore currents, structure and outflows. Because of the varying ocean conditions and the variety of fish that can be targeted nearshore, this fishing can be some of the most exciting you can do!


Where we fish

We are based out of Cortez and run out of Tampa Bay to our desired location. That could be somewhere along the shoreline, a pass, reef, ledge, rock pile, wreck or other structure, or simply an area of the ocean where we’re seeing activity. It largely depends on exactly what we’re interested in catching as well as the time of year and current weather conditions.


What we catch

A nearshore fishing charter can be one of the most exciting trips because of the variety of fish we’re able to go after, as the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico offer us many seasonal fishing opportunities. Some of the species we regularly catch include snook, redfish, tarpon, Spanish mackerel, kingfish, grouper, snapper, jack crevalle, little tunny (bonita), permit, cobia, sharks and several others.


Best time of year to fish nearshore

Although certain times of the year bring about a better bite for certain types of fish, there’s always a variety of species to catch at any given time. The only limitation we really have is the weather, particularly the condition of ocean, as going even a short distance takes a bit more precaution in terms of planning. But keep in mind, if it happens to get a little rough or you’ve had enough of the open water, we’re only minutes away from some of the best flats fishing around!


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